“Take You to The Sea” – they claim about their compositions. Belau is a band who tries to provide shelter for the modern human through their music – representing the path to self-awareness through the depth of the individual – by making modern and elegant electronic beats with longing lyrics driven for the solace of the mind. Forever inspired by the fundamental elements of the nature, especially the infinite sea. Belau is Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzas.



2022. 05. 20. Hooverphonic Belau (Akvárium Klub, Budapest) Event link

2022. 05. 21. Deva / Belau / Saya Noé (E78, Pécs) Event link



The history of transfiguration is deeply rooted in our culture, but for most of us, the grace we are possibly able to live towards ourselves is distant, mystical and looks impossible to have access to in this profane world.
Although this road, on the other hand, is available for everyone…if you walk through it, it feels like an actual “dreamstate”. The song tells the story of a life beyond our own limits, a shift from stagnation to progress, a way out of our own dread.

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